Welcome to the I do WishCraft store

I have been creating my art in crafts and food for as long as I can remember. My first project ever was a patchwork rug I made with a pattern I found in a teen magazine. I cut old clothes into squares and stitched it up with a rough hand stitch. My talent, along with my sewing machine, have taken me a long way since that rug. I do WishCraft introduces my handmade “Stash Patches”, “Ganja Wands” and “Jingle Jars” as 3 of my most unique & customizable crafts.

New Products

Stash Patches-Add on Pockets Hand stitched, made from fabric scraps and other materials. 1 of my products is literally the cutout pockets from used clothes. All items are Iron-on ready and come with a pre-threaded needle for extra secure placement. Packaged with recyclable paper. There are 6 designs to choose from, and with various size and color options, your patch is sure to be a one of a kind!

Ganja Wands make our basic metal cannabis tools more colorful & unique. You can choose from a variety of materials to customize your Dab tool, Roach clip or Bud Tongs. My favorites are the macrame wands with the globe beads at the ends. They really look like little magic wands! Check out the shop.

Jingle Jars are the ultimate WishCraft. Designed around personality and individual quirks, each jar is totally an original design. Jars are found used free or cheap online. Polymer clay is sculpted to the desired concept and baked on. Acrylic paint and a lite brushing with epoxy resin seal the clay to the glass and make the project sturdier. Used for tips at coffee shops, bars, dispensaries and even in ubers. 6 designs are preloaded to choose from and I am always open to suggestions for how to make each one special.